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Hemiselmis andersenii CCMP644


Principle Investigator(s) John Archibald
External sample IDHa1
NCGR Sample IDMMETSP0043_2
Sample accession numberCAM_SMPL_002351
Assembly accession numberCAM_ASM_000169
Combined Assembly NameN/A
Prelim. NCBI Taxon ID464988
18S rRNA
Importance of organism and transcriptomesCryptomonads are aquatic unicellular eukaryotes that acquired photosynthesis through secondary endosymbiosis with a red algae. They are a key group to understand the origin and spread of photosynthesis among eukaryotes, but too few sequence data exist to properly address this question. The nucleomorph genome of H. andersenii has been sequenced, the nucleus transcriptome will nicely complement the existing data.
Additional citations and references
Environmental Data
Primary citation for organism's characterization, if available Lane,C.E.& Archibald,J.M. (2006).J. Eukaryot. Microbiol. 53 (6), 515-521
Sample collection siteGulf of Mexico
Sample material (e.g. "seawater," "sediment," etc.)net tow
Other environmental metadata availableGulf Stream
Other environmental metadata availableGulf Stream
Habitatmarine habitat
Experimental Data
Date of experiment01-OCT-10
Growth mediumK medium
Modifications to growth mediumwithout SiO2
Temperature (ºC)17
Salinty (psu)30
Day portion of day:night cycle in hours6
Night portion of day:night cycle in hours18
Nitrate (μmol/L)882
Ammonium (μmol/L)50
Phosphate (μmol/L)10
Total Fe (nmol/L)11.7
Trace elements (total) (nmol/L)14.09