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Norrisiella sphaerica BC52


Principle Investigator(s) Patrick Keeling
External sample IDNorrisiella sphaerica
NCGR Sample IDMMETSP0113_2
Sample accession numberCAM_SMPL_002407
Assembly accession numberCAM_ASM_000225
Combined Assembly NameN/A
Prelim. NCBI Taxon ID91329
18S rRNA
Importance of organism and transcriptomesChlorarachniophyte species have diversity in their morphology (amoeboid, coccoid, flagellate cells) and life cycles, and some of them possess multiple cell types in the life cycles. Norrisiella sphaerica possesses two cell types (coccoid and flagellate). The transcriptome gave us a clue to know relationship between morphological and molecular characters of chlorarachniophytes.
Additional citations and referencesDOI:10.1111/j.1529-8817.2010.00851.x
Environmental Data
Primary citation for organism's characterization, if availablePMID:17909708
Collection date22-MAY-92
Sample collection siteOTHER
Other collection site infoBaja California
Sample material (e.g. "seawater," "sediment," etc.)Seawater containing filaments of a siphonous green alga
ENVO term for habitat - primary termAcquatic: marine
ENVO term for habitat - secondary termOther
Habitatmarine habitat
Experimental Data
Date of experiment03-MAY-11
Growth mediumESM medium
Temperature (ºC)20
Salinty (psu)35
Light (µmol photons / m2 / sec)55
Day portion of day:night cycle in hours12
Night portion of day:night cycle in hours12
Nitrate (μmol/L)1410
Phosphate (μmol/L)29
Investigation typeEukaryotes