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Vannella robusta DIVA3 518/3/11/1/6


Principle Investigator(s) Jan Pawlowski
External sample IDV. robusta 518/3/11/1/6 Cysts
Sample accession numberCAM_SMPL_002442
Assembly accession numberCAM_ASM_000260
Combined Assembly NameN/A
StrainDIVA3 518/3/11/1/6
Prelim. NCBI Taxon ID95228
18S rRNA
Importance of organism and transcriptomesVannellid amoebae are one of the most important groups among Amoebozoa, as they are most widely distributed and most abundant in all habitats, including marine. The species nominated is one of the few cyst-forming vannellids, and one of the rare strains isolated from the deep-sea bottom. The obtained transcriptome data are pioneering for Vannella and will be used in comparison with the data on trophic amoebae to look for potential markers to distinguish trophic cells/cysts in metagenomic studies.
Additional citations and references
Environmental Data
Primary citation for organism's characterization, if availableKudryavtsev A, Pawlowski J, Hausmann K (2011) A survey of lobose amoebae (Amoebozoa) from the atlantic deep-sea sediments, in preparation
Salinity (psu)35
Sample collection siteAtlantic_Ocean
Other collection site infoExpedition DIVA3
Sample material (e.g. "seawater," "sediment," etc.)Marine sediment
ENVO term for habitat - primary termAcquatic: marine
ENVO term for habitat - secondary termSediment
Habitat descriptionabyssal plain bottom sediment, clay, aerobic
Habitatmarine habitat
Experimental Data
Date of experiment04-JUL-11
Growth mediumseawater with wheat grains
Temperature (ÂșC)20
Salinty (psu)35
Prey organism, if applicable (genus and species)bacteria
Investigation typeEukaryotes
Other experimental metadata availableRNA isolated from encysted (inactive) cells