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Polarella glacialis CCMP 1383


Principle Investigator(s) Juan Saldarriaga
External sample IDPolglac
Sample accession numberCAM_SMPL_002476
Assembly accession numberCAM_ASM_000294
Combined Assembly NameN/A
StrainCCMP 1383
Prelim. NCBI Taxon ID89957
18S rRNA
Importance of organism and transcriptomesPolarella glacialis is a common dinoflagellate of the order Suessiales that is found in marine high latitude waters, and as such its physiology is geared towards coping with low temperature and seasonally low light environments. Nothing is known about the genetic mechanisms that underlie those adaptations.
Additional citations and referencesThomson, P.G., Wright, S.W., Bolch, C.J.S., Nichols, P.D., Skerratt, J.H. & McMinn, A. (2004). Antarctic distribution, pigment and lipid composition, and molecular identification of the brine dinoflagellate Polarella glacialis (Dinophyceae). Journal of Phycology 40: 867-873
Environmental Data
Primary citation for organism's characterization, if availableMontresor, M., Procaccini, G. & Stoecker, D.K. (1999). Polarella glacialis, gen. nov., sp. nov. (Dinophyceae): Suessiaceae are still alive!. Journal of Phycology 35: 186-197
Collection date01-JUN-91
Sample collection siteMcMurdo Sound
Sample material (e.g. "seawater," "sediment," etc.)seawater
Habitatmarine habitat
Experimental Data
Date of experiment18-JUL-11
Growth mediumHESNW
Modifications to growth mediumno silica
Temperature (ºC)4
Salinty (psu)30
Light (µmol photons / m2 / sec)3800
Day portion of day:night cycle in hours14
Night portion of day:night cycle in hours10
Nitrate (μmol/L)3
Ammonium (μmol/L).11
Phosphate (μmol/L).3
Investigation typeEukaryotes