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Fabrea Fabrea salina Unknown


Principle Investigator(s) Giulio Petroni
External sample ID
Sample accession numberCAM_SMPL_003125
Assembly accession numberCAM_ASM_000843
Combined Assembly NameN/A
SpeciesFabrea salina
Prelim. NCBI Taxon ID342563
18S rRNA
Importance of organism and transcriptomes
Additional citations and referencesLynn, D.H. 2008. The Ciliated Protozoa: Characterization, Classification, and Guide to the Literature. Springer, Dordrecht. 605 p.
Environmental Data
Primary citation for organism's characterization, if availableIn Vivo NMR Metabolic Profiling of Fabrea salina Reveals Sequential Defense Mechanisms against Ultraviolet Radiation. 2011. Marangoni, R; Paris, D; Melck, D; Fulgentini, L; Colombetti, G; Motta, A BIOPHYSICAL JOURNAL Volume: 100 Issue: 1 Pages: 215-224
Sample collection siteSaline di Torre Colimena (Taranto)
Sample material (e.g. "seawater," "sediment," etc.)Seawater and sediment
ENVO term for habitat - primary termAcquatic: marine
Habitatmarine habitat
Experimental Data
Date of experiment15-DEC-12
Growth mediumautoclaved artificial seawater (Red Sea Salt, Red Sea, http://www.redseafish.com)
Temperature (ºC)19
Salinty (psu)33
Light (µmol photons / m2 / sec)300
Day portion of day:night cycle in hours12
Night portion of day:night cycle in hours12
Prey organism, if applicable (genus and species)bacteria
Investigation typeEukaryotes
Other experimental metadata availableCells treated with 0.1 mg/ml ampicillin overnigth and then washed in autoclaved seawater